Tory Majority Day 30: Cooking For The Week Ahead – Vegetarian Brown Rice Lentil Risotto

Having cooked in a rush last week and when I was tired, I had to rethink about how to approach my weekly cooking day differently. Well, let’s face it – it’s one thing riding high on the energy that exists when I wake up and going hell for leather with a massive advance cook for […]

Tory Majority Day 29: Fuctional Problems, Other’s Problems, Self Care, The Importance Of Sleep

Functional problems. That’s a word I use for the sort of problems that I deal with everyday. I got the word from the phrase ‘functioning addicts’ i.e. people who are addicts but their lives run around their addictions. It’s the everyday problems that having CFSME produces, my home, my lack of money, heat or eat, fuel […]

Tory Majority Day 26: MECFS Isn’t All About Fatigue, Enemy Adrenaline, Self Care.

When I wrote yesterday’s diary I was still – what I call – running on adrenaline. I’d had a busy couple of days and a shock because of my ‘little mandoline accident’ while I was cooking on Sunday. Adrenaline running through my body like there was because of the accident makes me first off feel a […]