Tory Majority Day 64: Chillaxed

Today’s post is coming to you from a floating cloud of relaxation. My fingers are barely making sense of the keyboard and my entire body is saying: “It was sooo good to nod off in the sun.” I’m officially a chilled out puppy, a chillaxed babe and so laid back I should have casters on […]

Tory Majority Day 59: Oh What A Beautiful Morning…Oh What A Beautiful Day

I’ve been thinking over the last couple of days about how you get yourself through bad times. I think you can cope with anything: long dark days, illness, stress, anxiety and pain if you have one moment, a good thing, a light that shines, if it shines on you once a day. That once a day […]

Tory Majority Day 58: Thing That Make Me Happy – Getting Away Next Weekend For Some Cat Sitting :-)

I’m launching a new Tag and Category in this diary: the Tag is called ‘A Feel Good Post’ and the category is ‘Things That Make Me Happy.’ From now on you can search for either tag or category and read the nice, happy, fun things that cheers me up and gives it colour and meaning. […]