Diary Day 98: Some Good MECFS Blogs You May Have Missed

Every week I get posts forwarded into my email inbox from other CFS or ME blogs.

Here are some you might have missed, that have caught my eye:

Jennie Spotila posts about how it’s impossible to find the right words to explain how the grief at losing her mother feels, something I can relate to since the passing of my mother too. 

Cort Johnson blogs about the Health Gut Summit – which emphasises the importance of the gut microbiome in tackling many illnesses, potentially ME CFS too.

Health Rising post a fascinating – it really is – post from Carol Wolf, who has experienced multiple immunological issues since childhood. Getting to the end of the road with any conventional medical treatment she went out and bought some probiotics and started taking them.

You’ve guessed it, she has experienced complete remission of her symptoms. This one is worth reading all on it’s own, even if you don’t read any others.

Sleep is something I’ve blogged about regularly, since having MECFS my sleep has gone haywire and I recognise that, and that I must protect my sleep to remain as well as possible also.

Cort Johson blogs about establishing a sleep center for MSCFS and Fibromyalgia, it’s a resource we can all access. 

I’ve got an academic interest in Psychology and have worked in the health service, so the next post was intriguing and relevant to both, proposing there may be a link between ME CFS and Parkinson’s Disease. 

One for those who don’t mind thinking hard for a few minutes while you are reading them, it again shows why Health Rising is such an interesting resource for those of us who can absorb a bit about medical stuff in the search for a cause and a cure.

Sex is an issue for many patients with MECFS, myself included. My libido has disappeared since having ME. Written a long time ago in November 2015 it’s a survey that you can contribute to. I’m catching up with old emails but will still attempt to.

Who are the best practitioners with a speciality in CFSME? We don’t have a list in the UK of GPs who are specialists in the subject – something I strongly believe we should have – but in the US this is a list that’s been published.  For curiosity only.

One day we’ll have a criteria for MECFS that is like the criteria for Autism, i.e. on a spectrum. One day!

In the meanwhile here’s a post theorising some links across various diagnosies, again published by Cort Johnson.  It’s quite technical so perhaps to leave to one side if you aren’t interested in the medical background to this theory.

Having experienced heightened levels of anxiety and panic attacks since I’ve had MECFS, I can relate to this series of posts talking about how when anxiety and panic isn’t, it’s to do with Fibro or CFSME.

Last, but not least,  this week I posted about gaining some quality of life (QOL) back and how for PwME we have far lower QOL than many other illnesses. It’s not a competition, but this post reinforces  that in summarising a piece of research published in 2015.

That’s all folks, have a good weekend, keep well!

© Lindy 2016

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