Tory Majority Day 73: Voting in Labour Leadership, Decorating, Post Exertional Malaise, Flathunt Stalled.

I almost forgot to vote in the Labour Leadership, which is incredible as the volume of emails from Tessa, Sadiq, Jeremy, Ken – he supported Jeremy, David, Diane, erm all the others and then them all over again, and again, and again AND again was an avalanche.

It certainly isn’t the case that I had no voting slip, it’s been in my email inbox since Day 2 after I registered.

The thing is I’ve not had enough spoons recently to turn my mind to who to vote for. The blank where an obvious candidate or candidates should be didn’t clear since I wrote a while ago about it didn’t help either.

The hustings, such as they were, weren’t that clear with candidates talking in broad brush terms about what they want to do within the Labour party and as London mayor. Then there was the Corbyn Problem. Someone on Twitter told me that the bookies are already paying out on his win. It hasn’t been announced yet and he’s already won.

We’ve been here before with the 2015 election – election predictions can be wrong!

It’s also an AV system so votes still count and the order they are cast matters. Oh god, I was really, really confused and it wasn’t brain fog either. Honest.

Getting into the voting process was one thing, deciding who to vote for was entirely another.

So yesterday I sat down for 10 minutes and did it.

For Leader, I voted first for Yvette Cooper (going with the AV system this vote could be important), second for Andy Burnham (solid Labour candidate, loads of experience, if Jezza gets it and fails, he’d be in line again), third for Jezza (he doesn’t need my vote), fourth for Liz Kendall (I found her stance on austerity rather confusing for a left winger.)

For Deputy, I voted for Ben Bradshaw (he’s good at getting the Tory vote), Stella Creasey, Caroline Flint, Tom Watson, Angela Eagle (I heard there was a dirty tricks campaign in the Wirrel that gained her the seat and I don’t like that style of politics).

For Mayor, although I REALLY like David Lammy, I went for: Tessa (because she’s ahead of Boris in the polls), Sadiq,…and then the  others.

So it’s done.

The reason why I have been low on spoons is because of the move to my silver surfer Dad’s place. 

He’s got a small room that he uses for drying washing and storing the hoover. It was also filled with my mother’s things.  So since the decision to have a pit stop at his place because I STILL haven’t found somewhere to live, it’s been the time to clear this room out and then redecorate it. It will be my sitting / resting room. It’s very kind of him to do this, it was a place that was very much Mum’s and it’s been sensitive to do.

This has, obviously, also been a lot of hard work. I’ve not been doing it alone, though. I have had help. Having help is ESSENTIAL when you have MECFS. I have learned this the hard way, by not asking for help and carrying on as I did before I became ill and learning that this will have massive detrimental affect on my health. Now I ask for help.

However what I haven’t been able to ask for help with is the decorating of this room. When we moved everything out of there, we found that the empty space had yellowing wallpaper, condensation mould (get rid of it now!!) and as it hadn’t been decorated since the 80s, it needed a paint job. Particularly the woodwork which had that cream colour that comes with age. It used to be white.

So I’ve been doing that this week.

How’s it been? Well I’ve been painting in my half-sleep, literally. I’ve felt dizzy with fatigue and have collapsed with post-exertional malaise at home afterwards, sleeping in the afternoons a lot, but it only took 3 days, so small is the room, and not all day either.

One thing I’ve found is that my night time sleep improved though. Who knew. That’ll be the exhaustion then. Also, my mood has improved. I don’t know whether that’s the relief of having somewhere to live at the end of the month, or the exercise kicking in endorphins or both.

I did think about exercise and MECFS and decorating, yes. If it’d been a larger and longer job I’d have got help but it looks so nice now and I think my father will appreciate the space when I’ve moved on, so it’s for him too.

How’s the flat hunt going? 

It’s stalled. I have continued to have problems with estate agents, the fact I’m on housing benefit and the volume of flats that would be the right price and the right location have slowed down too.

I had a very interesting conversation with the Council this week, when I rang to tell them I was moving out.

I’ll write about that another time because it is relevant to anyone on Housing Benefit and how the system works with suspending payments in the case of temporary no fixed abode.

For now though, back to Zoopla and back to more phone calls with estate agents who will never call or email me back. So rude and so unhelpful. It only takes a call to say Yes or No, yet they don’t do it…

© Lindy 2015

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