Tory Majority Day 67: I Don’t Know Who To Vote For In The Labour Leadership Race

I’m having a day off from searching for somewhere to live. In the lull I’m resting on my sofa – I really need it today – and my mind is turning its focus towards the Labour Leadership race.

On Tuesday I became a Labour Party registered supporter. I paid my £3.00 and should be getting the voting form through the post any day now.

I am 100% sure about the fact that I want to vote – the problem is that when I paid my £3.00 I was more or less convinced that I wanted to vote for Jeremy Corbin, now it’s 2 days on, I don’t know who to vote for. I’m completely stumped.

I’m smart enough to see that some of the Labour Party think that Corbyn winning the Labour Leadership race is akin to letting the doors open on policy and ethos that last had its place in the dark, cold Thatcher years, the years of my childhood. However I cannot see why.

I’ve grown up since then and so has politics. We need politics of the future – a more collegiate, European model where parties work in balance, collaboration and discussion….oh, hang on, that was the Coalition. Drat. Is Corbyn inherently not that kind of man?

What the other party candidates don’t seem to realise is that there is a huge population who are, at heart, Labour supporters in the old sense of the word. We are gasping for something from Labour that sounds like progressive politics in action with social ethics, a heart and soul. We aren’t hearing heart and soul, we are hearing nicety and bland soundbites. We need a voice like Nicola Sturgeon at the lead, someone who inspires loyalty and surety, someone who says things that are firmly rooted in a clear vision of what Labour is as a party and what the population need.

The only candidate who appears to be rousing that side of me is Corbyn. He drums his fist when its required, he doesn’t tread the middle ground, he doesn’t speak in soundbites, he sounds human and real. He sounds Labour.

I’m so very sorry to say this to the other candidates, but you don’t.

Even you, Andy Burnham who so valiantly fought for the NHS for so long and responded to the Justice For The 96 campaign – something I’ve followed since childhood when I first saw the news reports about the tragedy.

Ladies, I’d absolutely LOVE it if the Labour Party had a female lead – its way beyond time – but you are coming across as too nice. I don’t hear your passion, your valor, the spark that’s needed to stand in the Commons and tear Cameron’s government to pieces. Nice isn’t enough. You need to be more Sturgeon!

I’m not at all sure what your policies are either. 😦

Oh Chuka Umunna, why oh why aren’t you ready yet. You were the only candidate that I felt was near to the type of person we need to take the Labour party into the future. I hear that people thought you weren’t ready but the thing is, we need someone like you now, not 10 years in the future. Read my blog if you want to find out why.

Today I’m going to take some time to make up my mind. After all, this is a really important vote. It has to be right.

We can’t have the Tories in power unchecked with another majority, too many vulnerable and poor people will suffer and too much progressive economic policies that are not about making the rich richer are needed to see this country thrive.

© Lindy 2015

One thought on “Tory Majority Day 67: I Don’t Know Who To Vote For In The Labour Leadership Race

  1. If in the very unlikely event that Labour won with 2020 Corbyn as leader he would be the oldest UK Prime Minister on election, since Churchill in 1950 and the second oldest since Gladstone (the oldest ever to hold office) in 1892. At least Michael Foot (67 when he became leader) had history from editor of Tribune and staunch member of CND, he was long used to building coalitions within the Party. Foot even took Murdoch and won a legal battle. Corbyn has never done anything except sit in self satisfied political purity on the back benches sniping away at all but a small coterie of like minded leftists who frankly are the most lazy people to ever wear a Labour rosette. Politcal success is about work, not striking poses.


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