Tory Majority Day 64: Chillaxed

Today’s post is coming to you from a floating cloud of relaxation.

My fingers are barely making sense of the keyboard and my entire body is saying: “It was sooo good to nod off in the sun.”

I’m officially a chilled out puppy, a chillaxed babe and so laid back I should have casters on my arse.

Oh the heat in London today! The planes flew so high they were blurred dots in a sea of hazy blue, the cats I was looking after sat for languid hours under cool bushes, I walked in the late evening heat and then again this morning along the canals near to my sister HS’s home.

Being near water is instantly relaxing because it slows life down to its pace. The walk I did was so slow and so nice and I didn’t mind it taking a while at all. I have no idea how long I was out for but the canal took me on it’s way.

Last night I also did something else – I took a sleeping pill. I wasn’t taking any chances with this brief time away, I wanted to sleep right through the night and sleep I did. I don’t do this often, but I reach for them when it’s getting to the point where I have to stop a run of bad night time sleep or stress.

I haven’t slept properly for almost 10 days now, waking up in the middle of the night with intruding thoughts that bring me down to earth with a bump. It only takes one or two nights of sleeping better and they start to fade away, buffered by a healthy feeling that comes with sleep.

Addressing poor sleep is an essential part of how I deal with having MECFS.

Sleeping in the sunshine, covered in sparkly sun tan lotion and watching cats from the corner of my eyes is better than any pill though.

I feel exactly how I wanted to tonight. Tomorrow it’s back to the flat hunt, back to uncertainty, go back to that stress but tonight I’m going to make like a cat and sleep some more, purring on the sofa, enjoying the heat….


© Lindy 2015

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