Tory Majority Day 58: Thing That Make Me Happy – Getting Away Next Weekend For Some Cat Sitting :-)

I’m launching a new Tag and Category in this diary: the Tag is called ‘A Feel Good Post’ and the category is ‘Things That Make Me Happy.’ From now on you can search for either tag or category and read the nice, happy, fun things that cheers me up and gives it colour and meaning.  

Here’s the first one 🙂

This time next Saturday I’ll be away

My sister and her husband need someone to cat-sit for them while they are away for the weekend so I’m going to travel the 4 or so miles to their place to do it.

This isn’t a chore. They have two fluffy catties of whom I am an aunt, because my sister doesn’t have children.

Also not in any way a chore because I’m a cat lover. I go gooey over most cats. I stop and talk to them when they go past my home and when I’m on the way to the shops and coming back I stop and give any local cats a tickle. Ginger ones are my fave because that was our family cat when we grew up, but I’m not fussy.

As long as they are friendly and do that thing where they play around your hands once you start tickling them, I’m hooked.

When I’m having a bad day my sister sends me photos of her two in various cute poses, which she never warns me about in advance.

I open up my phone to read a text from her and instead of words, there’s a photo of cat 1 rolling around on the living room carpet or cat 2 playing with a toy.

Some people have the ‘ahhh’ thing about babies. I have it about cats.

Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy and British Shorthair red tabby kitten

Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy and British Shorthair red tabby kitten

I also, to a certain extent, have it about dogs.

Not the big ones, they always scare me a bit frankly, but the little ones with cute faces I really like.

Spaniels are my favorite. A little spaniel puppy would be in my life already if I wasn’t living in a rented property and could afford it.

Wey hey! That’s my first post on the internet about cats or dogs – it was only a matter of time 😉

Wishing you all a happy and healthy weekend with some cuteness in it that makes your heart sing and you smile.

© Lindy 2015



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