Tory Majority Day 51: For Anyone Who Wants To Know What MECFS Is

Even when you have an illness and know it’s intricacies, it’s challenges, how it feels, how it affects your life, how it steals you from yourself and your loved ones, how much it has destroyed you and how it rips you from your life, reminding yourself how it can be for other people is important.

Watching this today brought me back to center.

If anyone wonders why people with ME CFS or SEID are not as prominent in the community of activists this is the reason why. ME CFS is an illness that makes you less active, less capable, robs you of your energy and your health.

We can’t be as active as other people. Please take the time to watch this. It is stirring to listen to people’s experiences. Their descriptions are those that I identify with too.

© Lindy 2015 

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