Tory Majority Day 38: MECFS Brain Fog, Cooking On Benefits and Energy Friendly Vegetable Soup

It’s been an energy sapping week with the potential house move and once again, I’m in the last few days of an ESA fortnight as well. I have a grand total of £8.43 in my purse and no money left in my bank account.

This unenviable combo of tiredness, distraction and very little money sent me to my food cupboard and freezer to make one of my favourite, filling and I must add, super-easy lunch meals to make.

Vegetable pea and barley soup

You will need:

A packet of dried pea and barley soup mixture. I used Sainsbury’s brand. You’ll need to soak this in water overnight before you cook this recipe.vegetablesoup3disabledtoryb

A leek, some carrots, a large onion and a medium sized potato.

Salt, pepper mixed herbs.

Cooking oil.

1 Vegetable Stock Cube. I used Knorr brand.vegetablesoup2disabledtoryb

Tupperware tubs for the fridge or I use plastic take away cartons instead.


Soak the pea and barley mixture overnight. One bag will make a lot of soup. If you measure out 250 ounces, it will make lunch for 5 days.

Chop all the vegetables.

Skin the potato and slice into chunks.vegetablesoup4disabledtoryb

In the large pan on your hob, add enough vegetable oil to cover the pan bottom.

Heat the pan and oil to medium.

Add all the vegetables to the pan and lightly fry.

In the meanwhile. Make up 1 litre of vegetable stock. Leave to one side.

When the vegetables are browned in the pan, add the pea and barley soup mix. Stir.

Then add the litre of vegetable stock.

Cook on a medium heat while – in my case – I carry on throwing out things in preparation for a house move.

When the pea and barley soup is cooked through or you run out of energy for packing up your belongings as happened in my case – turn off the heat and let it cool. It’ll cook through in about 20 minutes on a low heat.

Transfer the soup into separate tubs that you put in the fridge.disabledintorybritainsoup1

Ta daaaa! Lunch is sorted for the next 5 days.

It tastes really nice with crusty brown rolls or on it’s own and is very warming and filling.


© Lindy 2015 

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