Tory Majority Day 33: Yet More Mould – In My Shoes This Time!

I’ve held onto my most gorgeous shoes and boots because I believe that you can buy shoes once and that’s it. Your feet are the one part of your body that stays put when you finish growing – I’ll be size 4 1/2 for life!

My little ‘shoe philosophy’ means that my collection has shoes that stretch way back to the 80s. Yes, that long.

I have high ones that are reminders of days gone by when I got dressed up for evenings out, boots that were so expensive at the time I bought them and even though my fattening calves have to be prized into them these days, I’m not getting rid of them and then there are my precious vintage ones that I won’t be parted from for love or money.

Or mould, it would seem.

I had a day of doing housework today. I’ve been putting it off for a while and it had piled up to the point where I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I’m also starting to think about moving house – if Julie waves her magic wand and makes it happen. 

That heralds an honest appraisal of what’s in my home and what can be got rid of. I don’t know if I’ll have space in the new place.

I downsized BIG TIME to fit into this place, but the reality of low cost housing in London when you are on Housing Benefit, is that I could end up somewhere even smaller *gulp.*



I opened up my wardrobe and pulled out some containers where I – I have to confess – haphazardly keep all my footwear.

To my complete horror, my flatmate, the mould that is growing around walls and skirting boards in my flat has……got into my shoes as well.


Now I realise that in the grand scheme of things, finding mould in my shoes should not be as earth shattering as other more important tragedies and even not as terrifically important as the realities of living with ME, but for me it was.

I’ve had to throw away 50% of my shoes today and I’m in mourning.

I tried to save them, I really did. I used a combination of vinegar, window cleaner, water and a washing up brush but some were gonners and I’ve had to let them go. Sob! 😦

ENOUGH! I have to move.

Julie, my shoes and I are counting on you….

© Lindy 2015 

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