Tory Majority Day 29: Out Of The Blue Surprise Help From Citizens Advice

Addendum: I thought it was unlikely that the Citizens Advice Bureau would reach out to me this way and I was right.

The person who contacted me as I describe in this diary entry was from a disability rights organisation, not the CAB. It was an organisation I contacted on Wednesday around about the same time I contacted the CAB. 

Brain fog completely confused me yesterday!

I don’t mind though. The fact that anyone reached out to me is the important bit! 

While I was trying to get through to Citizens Advice on the phone on Wednesday after being told I had not succeeded in being re-categorised above Band D for council housing based on medical grounds, I found an email address for them.

Rather staying on the phone listening to the engaged signal and endless answerphone messages about lines being busy, I sent them a quick email about the situation.

Immediately another pinged back saying something along the lines of:

“Yes, we know you can’t get through on the phone, that’s because we are really, really busy. However we can’t take email referrals so you’ll just have to try the phone again. Soz.”

I couldn’t face ringing again because this week, as I’ve already diarised, has been hectic and I’ve been on the pay back and enemy adrenaline roller coaster for the last 3 days.

Yesterday, tired and stressed out I got round to opening my emails at about 10:30 am and there was one from the Citizens Advice Bureau at the top of the list.

“Oh,” I thought,”they are probably telling me I need to phone again.”

But no. It was an email from the Housing advisor. She’d read the original email I’d sent and had responded, even though they said I couldn’t refer myself that way.

She phoned me. She told me that she could help. I smiled.

Then she told me that she and I could have an appointment to discuss things. I smiled some more, this time more broadly.

Then she asked what disability I had. I used the stock answer for this question:

“You might not have heard of this, but I have ME.”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “I know this. I can meet you at home if you’d like?”

I beamed down the phone at her.

“Would you? Really? Yes please!”

We organised the appointment.

“I think it would be good if I could see this flat too,” she added. “I’ll need to see your tenancy agreement as well.”

“I think it’d be really good if you saw the flat too,” I said, thankful that I’d have my photographic dossier to show her as well as the live mould that is new and growing up one wall and the skirting board of the kitchen.

So that’s done! Totally out of the blue and when I most needed it. How amazing that someone reached out from Citizens Advice – the universe must be listening!

She sounded like she really knew her stuff too! 🙂

© Lindy 2015 

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