Tory Majority Day 27: I Don’t Know What More I Can Do, Council Home Application, PsychoSocial Model Is A Fallacy

I don’t know what more I can do.

I thought about phoning the Council today to chase up my council flat application, again.

It’s been forever since I submitted the medical evidence – 2 months ago now. Every day I’ve gone to the front door and picked up a collection of letters in brown and white envelopes and expected to find something there and it hasn’t arrived.

This diary is becoming useful when I forget things. I hadn’t written down when I called the Council last time so I looked at the entry I’d written on May 20th to remind myself.

I re-read the Council’s housing policy yesterday to see if I’d missed a deadline that they have to respond to applications and I’m pretty sure there isn’t one. I couldn’t see one.

Obviously there are a tonne of people in my local borough who are far worse off than I am and need to be housed urgently but …but….I still feel that I deserve it as much as they do. I really do.

Applying means a lot – it means I’m being assertive about what I need to support my health, for one. It means I’m being assertive about what I need.

I could call but my father has already been to visit today and it’s tired me out. The thought of making a phone call is a thought too far. It’s on the list of things to do tomorrow, maybe.

Considering the PsychoSocial Model of CFSME

I was thinking about the PsychoSocial Model of CFSME today – the treatment that the NHS CFSME clinics adopt because that’s what they are told they can do by the NHS NICE Guidelines.

It’s based on a fallacy of reasoning.

You see it’s since I’ve been writing this diary that my experience of where I live has become clear and more stark in my thinking. It’s obvious that my home affects my health. How could it not do?

It might sound odd but I hadn’t properly absorbed how I’d connected the dots before – probably due to the way brain fog erases your long term memory. I live in the moment, day to day, the failings of my memory make the memory of my living conditions hard to recall.

Obviously my home is affecting my health. Obviously! 

So if the Psycho-social model rests on the premise that internal and external conditions perpetuate my illness, why hasn’t my living conditions been looked at before now?

Why has no-one in the ME clinic ever asked me about my home life, my working life, anything other than what I think? 

If the Psycho-social model of CFSME is correct, then a thorough assessment of all internal and external conditions that are affecting a patient’s health and well being should happen with each and every patient.

They’ve never asked. I know other patients at the clinic too and I can’t remember them mentioning it either.

Therefore by the lack of a social needs assessment, the Psycho-social model isn’t a Psycho-social model. It’s a Psychological model only.

Admittedly I’ve never mentioned my housing overtly – I don’t think – before a couple of months ago but even then, as a patient in their clinic, after I have now mentioned it, I’ve had no response.

In the last phone appointment I had it simply wasn’t brought up at all, even though I’d emailed them about it.

Crap, isn’t it.

I am TIRED TIRED TIRED of the perpetual struggle this damned illness means today.

© Lindy 2015 

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