Tory Majority Day 20: The Queen’s Speech – Where’s The 12bn Bullet? On It’s Way.

Today was never going to be a good day.

For a start the majority Conservative government was in Parliament delivering the Queen’s Speech and then I was going to have to actually watch it to find out what they have planned for the 12bn welfare cuts.

Today was not pleasant but as rocky times are ahead, I had to brace myself and knuckle down.

My friend with CFSME, CB and I had a deal that we’d message each other as a ‘hands across the ocean’ gesture of support once we knew more.  But we messaged after the speech and found that both of us were, well, totally in the dark about what was coming.

“They’ve been frozen,” she said of all benefits.

“Have you got a link to that?” I said.

She went away and an hour or so later still hadn’t replied. Have all benefits been frozen? Can anyone tell me if that’s true??

I heard Cameron saying he wanted to: “Give opportunities to the most disadvantaged.”

So I went on Twitter and tweeted: “Does that mean the sick, disabled and unfit for work?” @conservatives.

A few RT’s later it seems that sentiment echoed with other people too, but still no answer about the details I need.

I read the BBC News site where the gut curdling, eye popping phrase: “Sitting at home,” was used to describe people on benefits.


Oh yeah Mr Cameron? You come here and sit where I’m sitting.

You’ll soon see exactly how much of a lazy-arsed good time I’m having whilst claiming Employment and Support Allowance due to having  MECFS shall we?

Then they announced Right To Buy for housing association properties.

It seems the Tories are really sold on growing our economy based on mortgage debt even more than they were in the 80s when Right To Buy first came in.

As a result our council housing stock started to be sold off and there was no legislation to replace it rendering it virtually impossible for someone in my situation to get appropriate and affordable housing, particularly in London.

Looks like that’s going to get a lot more difficult for me and hundreds of others as well.

But I knew those things in advance. Those weren’t a surprise. I also knew the benefit cap will be reduced to £23,000 for each household. I haven’t done the maths yet to know how that will affect me.

But that’s all by the by…

Where are the 12bn benefit cuts that have been promised? 

Watch out behind you, people, that bullet is still coming…

© Lindy 2015 

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