Tory Majority Day 15: Draw What MECFS Feels Like-Got Any, I’ll Post Them!

Spotted the deliberate mistake yesterday ‘cos I didn’t. Due to brain fog  I miscounted how many posts I’d published, didn’t spot it until last night. So here’s the missing one, Diary Day 15.

Drawing ME

I get frustrated with how language doesn’t describe how ME feels, something @_kayleighbell talks about in her article for ME Awareness Week in the Huffington Post. 

Then one night this week I found myself with a biro and a blank scratch pad in my hands and I started drawing.

I wasn’t sure what I was gonna draw, but my biro seemed to want to draw what it was like to be lying down all the time with your eyes shut with a migraine…

After a while I’d drawn this:


and then a couple of nights later I’d finished it with this:



Let’s face it, no-one on the international art scene will be beating a path to my door to sell it at Christie’s, but it made me wonder whether anyone else out there had tried to draw, paint, sing or write a play about what it’s like to have ME…

This is my bank holiday weekend shout-out!

If you’ve drawn what your ME is like or fancy drawing what it feels like, go ahead and post it on your blogs or tweet it too.

I’ll then re-post them or publish them on this blog if you give me permission to! Don’t forget to include your name if you send them to me.

You can also email them to me at

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you draw or paint.

Have as well-a-bank holiday weekend as possible 🙂

© Lindy 2015 

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